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Sea Breeze 2016: Moldovan Soldiers in Action on Ukrainian Seacoast

Izmail, Ukraine, July 28, 2016 — The National Army soldiers deployed to “Sea Breeze 2016” carry out amphibious assault missions within the exercise’s active stage.

According to National Army contingent Commander, Maj. Grigore Adam, this week, the amphibious forces consisting of Moldovan, Ukrainian, and Georgian troops participated in amphibious operations near Izmail seaport.

The source specified that the goal of the operation was to neutralize the adversary and to conquer the Izmail seaport and airport.

Maj. Adam mentioned that both National Army soldiers and those from Georgia were trained by their Ukrainian colleagues on tactics, techniques, and procedures of carrying out amphibious operations.

During the same period, similar actions took place near Mykolaivka village, Odessa region, with the participation of US and Ukrainian Marines.

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