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433 Soldiers Take Military Oath in Chisinau and Balti (video)

CHISINAU, August 12, 2016 — Today, over 400 soldiers, enlisted in the National Army in July, took their military oath during ceremonies held in Chisinau and Balti garrisons.

Thus, in Military Compound 142 from Chisinau, 165 young men took their military oath within an event attended by Deputy Defense Minister, Gheorghe Galbura.

Deputy Minister Galbura congratulated the young soldiers mentioning that the military service is a school of commitment, courage, and fairness. “The discipline and exigency of military life will strengthen you for life. Following the guidance of your Commanders you will discover the virtue of honor and comradeship”, said Gheorghe Galbura.

The official also asked the Commanders to show performance, competency, and personal example to the soldiers. “Determine them to be creative and to learn skills that will be useful after the military service too: in their family life, at work, and within the local community”, specified the Deputy Defense Minister.

Also today, in Balti, other 268 young men took their military oath in “Moldova” Brigade.

At the event, Deputy Defense Minister Alexandru Cimbriciuc encouraged the young soldiers to take advantage, as much as possible, of the military service. “Use this period to become honest, courageous, and dignified persons, learning as much as you can from your Commanders. Be optimistic and be ready to face difficulties, because even if life after military service is full of challenges, it will help you a lot”, mentioned Alexandru Cimbriciuc.

The Deputy Minister thanked the parents attending the ceremony for bringing up Good Defenders of our Nation.

After taking the military oath, the soldiers get a four-day leave. Then, they will be sent toNational Army units.

The mandatory military service in the National Army lasts 12 months.

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