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Ministry of Defense Marks 25th Anniversary

CHISINAU, February 6, 2017 — The Ministry of Defense staff celebrated today the institution’s 25th anniversary. The event was attended by Deputy Defense Minister, Gheorghe Galbura, Nicolae Chirtoaca, former head of the Military State Department, as well as the entire military and civil staff.

Deputy Minister Gheorghe Galbura congratulated the institution’s staff and appreciated the service of the Moldovan officers who contributed to the military department’s establishment in 1991 and those who served the Ministry of Defense throughout the years. “Our service members’ efforts, supported by the favorable international context, allowed the notions of National Army and Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Moldova to reach the agenda of international military forums. The six contingents that served in Iraq, as well as the UN and OSCE peacekeeping missions, placed the Republic of Moldova among the international security providers”, said Gheorghe Galbura.

On the occasion of the anniversary, as well as for service performances, dedicated attitude towards their duty, and high level of professionalism, a group of service members and civil employees were awarded Government diplomas and military medals.

The Ministry of Defense has the mission to develop the defense policy, conduct and coordinate the building and development of the National Army, identify military risks and threats, as well as the needs of the national defense system in order to protect the state’s military security.

The institution was founded on February 5, 1992, by Decree of the President of the Republic of Moldova.

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