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“Dacia” Brigade Celebrates Unit’s Day

CHISINAU, February 24, 2017 — “Dacia” Brigade from Cahul celebrated today the 25th anniversary. The military unit organized a ceremony attended by representatives of the Ministry of Defense and National Army General Staff Commanding Corps, local public administration, veterans, pupils, as well as the Brigade’s military and civil staff.

Deputy Defense Minister Gheorghe Galbura congratulated the conscripts and service members who served in this unit throughout the past 25 years. “Through effort, personal example, and commitment, all together they contributed to the unit’s development, modernization, and alignment to modern standards. From training and knowledge testing on national and multinational training areas, to representing Moldova as a peace contributor in the Security Zone or in international foreign missions — we obtained these achievements thanks to you, yesterday’s and today’s service members of ‘Dacia’ Brigade”, stated Gheorghe Galbura.

Deputy Minister Galbura highlighted the unit’s good cooperation with the local public administration from Cahul. “It is an example of cooperation for other garrisons as well and a proof that ‘Dacia’ service members have always been there for the community, at authorities’ request. Natural disasters relief operations, disposal of explosive devices and pesticides are all actions conducted by the service members from Cahul”, said the official.

Commander of “Dacia” Brigade, LTC Nicolae Caisin, mentioned that, since 1992 and so far, the unit trained thousands of young men from the country’s southern districts and prepared them to face the life’s challenges. “The cohesion and camaraderie spirit between these young men, who are trained by a professional Commanding corps, created a good image of ‘Dacia’ not only in Cahul, but also in Chisinau and abroad, where our southern infantrymen have been present”, said LTC Caisin.

“Good times are waiting for us in the future, with missions, exercises and actions having a single goal — to train us, to make us ready to fulfill our duty, whenever and wherever needed. We must show camaraderie spirit, patriotism and we must never forget that we are to support all Moldovan citizens”, added the unit’s Commander.

A group of military and civil employees received National Army diplomas and medals during the event.

“Dacia” Brigade from Cahul was established on February 24, 1992, by Decree of the President of the Republic of Moldova.

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