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Over 3,900 National Army Service Members Participate in the Liquidation of April Snowfall Consequences

CHISINAU, May 4, 2017 — Over 3,900 National Army conscripts and service members participated in the liquidation of the April snowfall consequences in the central and southern districts of the Republic of Moldova, within April 21-May 2, 2017.

According to National Army Commander, Brigadier Gen. Igor Cutie, the officers, NCOs, and conscripts, together with the representatives of the responsible institutions, cleared the roads and the access routes towards public institutions, including medical and infrastructure facilities. The service members also cut and removed the fallen trees.

Gen. Cutie added that, during the works, 151 transportation and special vehicles of the National Army were used.

In Chisinau garrison, teams consisting of service members from “Stefan cel Mare” Brigade, Anti-Air Missile Regiment, Guard Battalion, 22nd Peacekeeping Battalion, Special Forces Battalion, Engineer Battalion, and students of the Military Academy of Armed Forces “Alexandru cel Bun” worked in Chisinau and its suburbs. The National Army staff also participated in the clearing of the river bed of Bac River.

The source specified that, in Straseni district, the service members of Engineer Battalion cleared the National Road M14, within the section between Negresti and Chisinau, using special engineer vehicles IMR-2M. The engineers also hauled 150 blocked cars out of the snow.

The service members of “Dacia” Brigade from Cahul and the Artillery Unit from Ungheni also participated in the liquidation of snowfall consequences.

Brigadier Gen. Igor Cutie mentioned that the National Army offered the Ministry of Health 15 HMMWVs for the transportation of patients to hospitals and first aid.

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