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National Army Medical Staff Congratulated on Professional Day

CHISINAU, June 16, 2017 — Deputy Defense Minister Gheorghe Galbura congratulated today the National Army’s military and civil medical staff on the Medical Staff and Pharmacists’ Day, during a ceremony held at the Ministry of Defense.

On this occasion, a group of employees of the defense institution’s medical facilities were decorated with medals and diplomas.

Gheorghe Galbura congratulated the representatives of the National Army medical corps and thanked all those who guard our citizens’ health.

“Throughout the past 25 years, we, the military, entrusted you with our health. Wherever there was the need — in the medical wards, military units, or training areas — you treated our wounds and eased our pain armed with patience, passion, and love for the noble profession you have chosen”, said Deputy Minister Galbura.

There are currently 575 healthcare employees serving in the National Army.

The Medical Staff and Pharmacists’ Day was established by Presidential Decree in 1994 and is celebrated yearly, on the third Sunday of June.

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