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Honor Guard Company Celebrates the 25th Anniversary (video)

CHISINAU, June 22, 2017 — The Honor Guard Company of the National Army celebrated today the 25th anniversary. On this occasion, the Ministry of Defense organized a ceremony attended by the leadership of the National Army General Staff, former commanders, parents and relatives of the service members.

Director of National Army General Staff, Col. Eduard Ohladciuc, congratulated the Honor Guard’s staff and appreciated the success, professionalism, and mastery that characterize this elite unit of the National Army.

During the ceremony, a group of service members of the Honor Guard received the “Diploma of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova”, medals and gifts from the Presidency and the Ministry of Defense. The service members of the Honor Guard also presented square bashing techniques.

According to Commander of the Honor Guard Company, Lt. Vitalie Josan, each year, the unit participates in over 250 ceremonies, ensuring state protocol activities, ceremonies of appointment of foreign diplomats, and state award ceremonies. The source specified that, throughout the years, the service members of the Honor Guard Company participated in military parades from Romania, Bulgaria, France, and other countries.

Young men eligible for the Honor Guard Company must have a height of 185-195 cm, good physical training, a pleasant appearance, and own a high-school diploma. The daily special and square bashing training lasts four hours.

The Honor Guard Company was established by Order of the Minister of Defense on June 22, 1992.

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