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Military Attaches Meet in Chisinau

CHISINAU, July 20, 2017 — The meeting of the military attaches accredited to the Republic of Moldova was held today, at the Center of Military History and Culture (CMHC).

The Head of the Defense Policy and Planning General Directorate, Col. Alexandru Harea, presented the military diplomats the achievements, challenges, and goals of the Ministry of Defense, in the context of the defense sector’s reformation process.

Col. Harea thanked the military attaches for the multilateral support offered to the National Army within the bilateral partnerships.

The event included a short history lesson held by Chief of CMHC, Col. ® dr. Vitalie Ciobanu who pointed out the most important events in our nation’s history.

Currently, there are military attaches from 25 countries accredited to the Republic of Moldova.

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