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National Army NCOs Learn How to Perform First Aid on Battlefield

CHISINAU, July 27, 2017 — The National Army medical staff is learning how to perform first aid on battlefield during a seminar held at Military Academy of Armed Forces “Alexandru cel Bun”, within July 24-27, 2017.

According to head of the Military Medical Service, LTC medic Ivan Petcov, the training was conducted in compliance with the Foreign Activity Plan of the Ministry of Defense and National Army for 2017 and aims to enhance the knowledge of the military staff without a medical degree on how to perform first aid on battlefield and during emergencies.

The source specified that the 20 NCOs, sergeants, corporals, and privates are trained by instructors from the US Air Forces in Europe and the North Carolina National Guard on CPR, stopping the hemorrhage, applying bandages and dressings, as well as evacuation of patients from battlefield.

The training course “How to perform first aid on battlefield” is part of the “Nursing” Program launched in the National Army in 2013 with the support of North Carolina National Guard.

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