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Moldovan-Romanian Cooperation Discussed at the Ministry of Defense

CHISINAU, August 3, 2017 — Deputy Defense Minister Gheorghe Galbura and National Army Commander, Brigadier Gen. Igor Cutie met today with Ambassador of Romania in the Republic of Moldova, Daniel Ionita, at the Ministry of Defense HQ.

The officials discussed about the current stage of bilateral relations between the Republic of Moldova and Romania, with a focus on defense cooperation, as well as cooperation possibilities for the armies of the two countries.

Ambassador Ionita was accompanied by the new military attaché of Romania appointed to our country, Col. Cristi-Mitica Ladaniuc and Col. Dumitru Neacsu who ended his mandate in Chisinau.

On this occasion, Gheorghe Galbura decorated Col. Neacsu with the medal “For Strengthening the Brotherhood in Arms”. The medal was offered for contribution to developing the cooperation relations between the two armies.

The Deputy Defense Minister appreciated the activity of Col. Neacsu as military attaché and thanked him for personal involvement in developing the defense cooperation. “The Government of Romania had an essential contribution to the reformation of the national defense system of the Republic of Moldova and offered the Ministry of Defense expertise and assistance in important sectors, such as development of strategic documents, education, and training of service members within bilateral and multinational exercises. Thanks to Col. Neacsu, our cooperation had a positive trend in the last four years, we identified joint actions that are beneficial for both armies”, said the Deputy Defense Minister.

Gheorghe Galbura also congratulated Col. Ladaniuc on his appointment and expressed his conviction that the new military attaché will continue his predecessor’s projects, will contribute to the development of the Moldovan-Romanian cooperation, and will support the identification and implementation of joint activities in the defense sector.

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