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Start for Activities Dedicated to the National Army Day

CHISINAU, August 30, 2017 — A formal military ceremony dedicated to the National Army’s 26th anniversary was held today at the Ministry of Defense. During the ceremony, over 80 service members received State medals, National Army medals and governmental diplomas.

President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, congratulated the army’s staff and mentioned that “the National Army Day is a day when we celebrate the patriotism, while the trust put in the army by the Moldovan citizens is a proof that the National Army is a symbol of the national values and that the population appreciates the moral standards and professionalism of those who ensure our country’s defense, as well as fulfill humanitarian missions”.

The Head of State awarded the order “Credinta Patriei” (Loyalty to Motherland) and medal “Meritul Militar” (Military Merit), as well as Diplomas of the President of the Republic of Moldova to a group of service members for excellent fulfillment of their duty, contribution to the units’ training, and high professionalism.

Deputy Defense Minister Gheorghe Galbura stated that the National Army service members are the force on which every Moldovan citizen can rely. “You proved that you can march with dignity at military parades in Chisinau, Kiev, Bucharest, Sofia and Paris and, at the same time, you can fight the nature’s fury as you did last spring, in order to ensure the citizens’ security”, said Gheorghe Galbura.

Deputy Minister Galbura specified that the service members are respected by the entire country, by the people who love their army sincerely and unconditionally and understand its mission. “Dear service members and civil employees, on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Moldova and of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and National Army, I want to thank you for the honorable way in which you carry out your service”, said the Deputy Defense Minister.

Gheorghe Galbura handed Governmental Diplomas and National Army medals.

The Ministry of Defense is conducting a series of activities dedicated to the 26th anniversary of the National Army in all the military garrisons, within August 30-September 3.

The National Army Day is celebrated each year on September 3.

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