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Tribute to National Army Women

CHISINAU, March 7, 2018 — Today, the Center of Military History and Culture, together with the City hall of Center district of Chisinau, organized the event “De dragul tau, femeie!” (For you, dear woman) dedicated to the International Women’s Day.

Minister of Defense Eugen Sturza congratulated the women from the National Army and from Chisinau who attended the event and mentioned that this kind of actions shows the efficient cooperation between local public authorities and the defense institution.

“Each time, it is a pleasure to be by your side — those who are part of our team, of the army, but also those from the central district of Chisinau. This means that the army and the city hall go hand in hand, a cooperation which is an example for other local public administrations”, said Eugen Sturza.

The Minister of Defense also appreciated the women’s contribution to the development and functioning of the army. “For me, dear ladies, you are the heart and soul of the National Army. I thank you for your service and wish you to be healthy and to enjoy your work. I trust your potential and I am sure that together we will contribute to the modernization of the Army of the Republic of Moldova!”, specified Minister Sturza.

The event included the opening of the exhibition “Fantezii de primavara” (Spring Fantasies) by painter Mihai Mungiu. The Center of Military History and Culture also organized a concert presenting pop and folk singers and bands from our country.

The women are representing 27% of the National Army staff. They work in the fields of medicine, communications, law, logistics, accountancy, topography, and public affairs.

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