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Tactical Exercise Conducted in Bulboaca (video)

CHISINAU, March 22, 2018 — The service members of “Stefan cel Mare” Brigade conducted shooting drills within a tactical exercise organized at the National Army Military training base from Bulboaca. The event was attended by Minister of Defense Eugen Sturza and representatives of the National Army Commanding Officer Corps.

Eugen Sturza appreciated the level of training of the 70 conscripts and service members participating in the exercise. The military proved that well-trained troops are the result of training and exercises and, not the least, dedication.

Minister Sturza added that, in the context of the initiative of professionalizing the National Army that has been recently launched, the service members will be engaged in different national and international exercises, because high performances can be achieved only through intensive practical actions on training areas.

According to Maj. Dumitru Parfeni, main specialist within the General Staff, the exercises aimed to assess the level of combat readiness of two of the unit’s batteries.

The source specified that the shooting drills were conducted using artillery weapons of 120 mm caliber, 2S9 NONA, at a firing distance of 2.5 km, as well as anti-air weapons ZU-23-2 of the National Army.

The exercise is organized in compliance with the Combat readiness plan for 2018.

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