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Over 180 Soldiers Take Military Oath in Chisinau and Cahul (video)

CHISINAU, March 23, 2018 — About 100 young men enlisted in the National Army in January took the military oath in Chisinau garrison.

Attending the event held in the Military Compound, Minister of Defense Eugen Sturza congratulated the soldiers who will be serving in the Guard Battalion and asked them for maximum responsibility while carrying out their missions.

“Today you begin a new chapter of your life — the chapter of beautiful challenges, responsibility, and military camaraderie. Enjoy each moment spent here, in the National Army!”, said Eugen Sturza.

Eugen Sturza also mentioned that the Battalion’s soldiers will have better training conditions. “You are luckier than other young men who had served in the National Army. This year, in the Military Compound, we have started a vast process of reconstruction and modernization so you will benefit of good training, accommodation, and alimentation conditions”, said the Minister of Defense.

Eugen Sturza specified that the 97 young men who took the military oath today in the Guard Battalion are among the last conscripts enlisted for the mandatory military service. “We have recently launched a large process of Army’s reformation and professionalization. I wish that the best among you to become part of the new National Army”, stated Eugen Sturza.

Other 90 soldiers took the military oath in “Dacia” Brigade from Cahul on March 22. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the National Army Commanding Officers Corps and young soldiers’ relatives.

After taking the military oath, the soldiers get a four-day leave.

The mandatory military service lasts 12 months.

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