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National Army Service Members Train at “Sea Breeze 2018”

Shirokiy Lan, Mykolaiv region, Ukraine, July 13, 2018 — The National Army contingent deployed to the multinational exercise “Sea Breeze 2018” conducted trainings together with their colleagues from Ukraine and USA at Shirokiy Lan training center, Mykolaiv region, Ukraine.

According to Commander of the Moldovan contingent, Maj. Grigore Adam, the service members carried out missions at the mobile checkpoint and conducted patrol missions by car and on foot.

The source mentioned that the National Army officers and NCOs also conducted shooting drills from the spot and from combat vehicles, drove HMMWVs and carried out helicopter parachute jumps at low heights.

Maj. Adam added that, next, according to the scenario, the Moldovan infantrymen stationed at the Ukrainian training area will go to Tendra island in the Black Sea. Here, together with Ukrainian military, they will carry out actions of ship boarding and disembarking using their HMMWVs.

“Sea Breeze” is a multinational peacekeeping exercise in the spirit of the Partnership for Peace to which the National Army has been participating since 2007.

This year, the National Army contingent participating in the exercises consists of 80 service members from “Stefan cel Mare” Brigade, 22nd Peacekeeping Battalion, and the General Staff.

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