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Unforeseen visit to Marculesti

CHISINAU, March 30, 2011 - The Chief of Main Staff, National Army Commander, Brigadier Gen. Iurie Dominic paid a sudden visit to Masculesti units. 

The National Army Commander checked the Air Base unit commandment’s staff readiness, as well as the achievements of staff in term of individual and professional training. 

„National Army needs performance and quality. That’s why we put the focus on your professional training and readiness and we expect you to prove competence and professionalism in your daily activity”, Gen. Dominic stated during his meeting with the unit personnel. 

At the same time, the commander visited the barrack, canteen, medical office, classrooms and other buildings of the unit to check the accommodation and work conditions of conscripts and servicemen in this unit. 

Gen. Dominic also inspected the storehouse of technical equipment, weapons and military assets, as well as the Radar place of the Anti-air missile group. 

At the end of the visit, Gen. Dominic appreciated the situation in the unit. Yet, he noticed some gaps to be removed in the near future. 

The Air Base from Marculesti carries out missions of research and air transportation, hit the silk actions, maintaining air means in good condition and preparing them for flights, supply of flying and technical personnel and others.

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