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Two soldiers from Cimislia and Glodeni awarded military leave for high shooting performance

CHISINAU, April 01, 2011 - Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta asked the Command of Stefan cel Mare Brigade to award leaves to soldiers who proved high shooting performance Friday, April 1, during a shooting event held at Bulboaca Military Training Facility. 

Thus, soldier Ion Belicescu, from Batir village, Cimislia has got 10-day leave for high shooting performance using the grenade launcher. 10-day leave was awarded to soldier Alexandru Gerep, an infantry man from Ustia, Glodeni, who was good at shooting from an armored vehicle acting as a marksman and operator. 

The Minister of Defense attended the shooting exercise at Bulboaca Base. He appreciated the soldiers’ military training level. Vitalie Marinuta followed closely the way about 100 soldiers conscripted in autumn 2010 had shot from armored vehicles, field guns, machine guns and other infantry weapons. 

„I congratulate soldiers engaged in this exercise for their shooting abilities. Soldiers of Stefan cel Mare Brigade proved they had learned military art very well due to their commander”, the Minister of Defense stated. „Although there were some failures in target shooting, the conscripts did well”. 

Col. Igor Gadirca, Chief of Staff of Land Force Command, stated platoon shooting drills had been preceded by individual training and military group training exercises of soldiers. Gadirca specified such kind of drills are held twice a year as part of land force training program.

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