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National Army in Photography Exhibition at CID NATO

CHISINAU, April 04, 2011 - Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta attended Monday, April 4, the opening ceremony of National Army in Photography exhibition hosted by the Information and Documentation Center on NATO from Moldova. The event was organized on the 62nd anniversary of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). 

The Minister of Defense appreciated the CID NATO’s efforts to organize the above photo exhibition and NATO’s support of Republic of Moldova defense area. 

„Military cooperation with NATO is carried out within Republic of Moldova neutrality condition and it focuses mainly on the raise of National Army interoperability level with NATO forces in term of crisis settlement on the European continent”, the Minister of Defense stated. 

Vitalie Marinuta specified Republic of Moldova – NATO cooperation deals with weapon control and disarmament, civil protection, crisis settlement issues, fighting terrorism, planning of peacekeeping exercises, military and civil staff training, as well as other military issues. Vitalie Marinuta said NATO had supported Republic of Moldova by implementing a few joint projects, including “Chemical substances in Moldova”, Melanj rocket fuel destruction and other million-dollar investments that improved Republic of Moldova environmental security. 

The National Army in Photography Exhibition displayed photos according to four categories such as: portrait, professionalism, memory and international and NATO missions. The works were made by both professional and amateur photographers and were appreciated by the Ambassador of Bulgaria to Republic of Moldova, George Panaiotov, central authorities, military attaches and experts from the associative area. The event was also attended by a delegation of NATO experts currently measuring the Republic of Moldova progress in term of R. Moldova – NATO Partnership for Peace Individual Action Plan (IPAP). 

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a political-military alliance of 28 states from North America and Europe meant to protect the freedom and security of its member states through political and military means in compliance with the North Atlantic Treaty concluded April 4, 1949, in Washington.

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