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National Army at Viking Multinational Exercise

CHISINAU, April 05, 2011 - A group of National Army servicemen will participate during April 5-17 in the Viking Multinational Exercise in Sweden. 

Viking 2011 is a multinational computer-assisted command and staff exercise designed to train servicemen, police and local authorities in planning and conducting UN-led peacekeeping operations and meeting today’s crisis response. 

The group of eight Moldovan experienced officers headed by Maj. Vitalie Micov will be acting in different staff structures and positions within the Swedish multinational brigade. 

Viking 2011 Exercise will be held in eight countries at a time. The fifth edition of the event will bring together nearly 1800 servicemen and 500 civilians from 24 NATO member countries and Partnership for Peace (PfP) Program partners. 

Due to PfP, Republic of Moldova has the opportunity to establish joint cooperation with western countries on democratic control of the armed forces, fighting terrorism, planning civilian emergencies and interoperability. Partner countries will also have the possibility to choose out of over 1400 specific individual activities, including visits of expert teams, workshops, military drills and courses. 

Republic of Moldova was the 12th country to join PfP Program March 16, 1994. The 26 PfP countries cover a wide geographic area, including Western Europe, former Soviet republics from the Caucasus, Central Asia and other regions, as well as countries intending to join NATO in the near future.

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