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Ministry of Defense has finished Cosnita casualty investigation

CHISINAU, April 05, 2011 - The Ministry of Defense announced about the end of the investigation on Cornel Gorodisteanu’s death. 

The casualty investigation results show the guard duty within the 3rd Peacekeeping Battalion of Cosnita is not properly carried out and it does not follow the Republic of Moldova Armed Forces Guard and Garrison Duty Regulations. Thus, Cornel Gorodisteanu died because of both, soldiers’ and officers’ negligent attitude toward military service, lack of discipline and responsibility. 

Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta issued an order on violation of statutory regulations on guard service and weapon handling. Therefore, according to Minister’s of Defense order, some of the personnel in command of the Peacekeeping Forces have been demoted from their positions or discharged. Lt. Octavian Arnaut was discharged beforehand negligent attitude toward military service. The investigation proves Arnaut violated the Guard and Garrison Duty Regulations thus discrediting the image of the military. 

Lt. Vadim Condrea was inflicted a penalty for violation of statutory regulations on guard service, being considered “partly unfit for the job”. 

1st Lts. Radion Mîndrescu and Alexandru Duca, company commanders, got severe reprimand. They were inflicted a penalty for improper selection and weak training of the guard personnel and bad control over task fulfillment. 

Soldier Dan Leu was put under seven-day arrest for admitting the above incident. The investigation revealed the fact Dan Leu had violated the requirements of Directive of Chief of Main Staff on the use of cell phones in National Army units. 

Soldier Cornel Gorodişteanu died March 20 after being shot by his fellow soldier. The accident was held at the 3rd Peacekeeping Infantry Battalion of the National Army from Cosnita, Dubasari. 

According to the investigation, soldiers Ion Jerep and Dan Leu entered the smoking area at 5 p.m., where they took photos with their mobile phone. Meanwhile, soldier Jerep loaded the gun and took some photos taking advantage of the fact the officer on guard was not in place. Then, soldier Ion Jerep approached soldier Cornel Gorodisteanu. The latter put a pen inside the gun barrel. The soldier who had the gun in his hand forgot it was loaded and shot his fellow soldier in the head. 

Soldier Cornel Gorodisteanu was 19 years old and lived in Horodiste, District of Riscani.

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