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Persons Decorated with “Cross” Type Medals to Benefit from Nominal Allowances

Chisinau, September 27, 2018 — The persons decorated with “cross” type medals will have the right to benefit from nominal allowances. During today’s session, the Parliament voted modifications and changes to the Law on veterans, in final reading.

According to the provisions, the monthly allowance will be of 100 Lei and will be paid starting with January 1, 2019. The persons who have the right to allowances will benefit from them only after establishing their pension. At the same time, the decorated persons who fall into more categories of nominal allowance’s beneficiaries are to receive only one allowance of their choice.

Currently, the State decorations system of the Republic of Moldova includes only one badge of the “cross” type — the “International Missions Cross”. Every year, about 100 Moldovan citizens participate in international missions/operations. Since 1997 to date, about 600 military participated in international missions. Out of them, 120 established their right to receive pensions and half of them were decorated with State medals. Yearly, about 30 serving military are decorated.

The initiative was voted by 60 MPs out of those attending the session.

Communication and public affairs directorate, Parliament of the Republic of Moldova

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