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The Military Strategy Approved by Government

CHISINAU, October 3, 2018 — The Military Strategy (MS) and the Action Plan on its implementation for 2018-2022 have been approved today during the Government’s session. The document was submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers for approval by Minister of Defense, Eugen Sturza.

Eugen Sturza mentioned that the MS draft has been developed with the goal of offering a clear, medium and long term vision for starting the process of changing the Armed Forces’ force structure. The document has also the goal of synchronizing the State efforts and resources in order to develop and maintain forces that are able to face the military security challenges.

The document was developed by the Ministry of Defense with the participation of Ministry of Internal Affairs representatives, as well as with the support of foreign experts in the framework of the Defence Capacity Building Initiative (DCBI).

“The Strategy’s development is also included in the Government’s Activity Program, in the Individual Partnership Action Plan, the Defence Capacity Building Initiative and is also in agreement with European Union’s intentions of redressing its visions in the defense sector”, said Minister Sturza during the Government’s session.

According to chief of the Defense Policy and Planning Directorate, Col. Gheorghe Oarza, the MS contributes to the achievement of national defense’s objectives. Thus, the document describes the security environment; Moldova’s military threats and related risks; defines the Armed Forces’ missions established by national legislation in force; identifies the necessary military capabilities; establishes the requirements for financing strategic military objectives and specific objectives for fulfilling the missions.

The source specified that this is the first document of this type approved in the Republic of Moldova since its independence.

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