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National Army Anniversaries

CHISINAU, October 20, 2018 — “Stefan cel Mare” Brigade from Chisinau celebrated today its 26th anniversary. On this occasion, the unit organized a ceremony that was attended by the leadership of the Ministry of Defense, the National Army Commanding Corps, military attaches, veterans and the soldiers’ relatives.

During the event, Minister of Defense Eugen Sturza stated that “Stefan cel Mare” Brigade is an elite unit of the National Army consisting of men and women who have chosen the military career by vocation.

“This unit, stationed in our capital’s heart, has been completed throughout its 26 years of existence with young men and women who wrote history through the way of understanding their duty and serving our Motherland. I am referring to the unit’s veterans and today’s soldiers who participate in international exercises where they are appreciated and where they test their interoperability with partner armies’ military,” said Minister Sturza.

The Minister of Defense also talked about the National Army’s reform consisting of approval of strategic documents, improvements regarding equipment, training, infrastructure, and working conditions without which an army can not evolve and fulfill its missions.

“All these objectives cannot be achieved without professional service members who believe in performance, are faithful to the military oath and serve their country with dignity and pride. So I encourage you to follow the road we have started one year ago, a road that is sometimes full of obstacles, but I am certain that, in the end, it will lead to a National Army we all wish for — an army that is professional, well-trained, and has modern equipment and vehicles, an army that will make every citizen of the Republic of Moldova proud,” mentioned Eugen Sturza.

The Minister of Defense awarded a group of unit’s service members National Army medals and diplomas on the anniversary’s occasion and for exceptional merits in conducting their missions.

The ceremony included wrestling exercises and a concert of the Presidential Orchestra and local singers. The guests attending the event had also the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the unit’s weapons and vehicles.

Also today, Engineer Battalion “Codru” celebrated the Unit’s Day.

At the event, Deputy Chief of General Staff, Col. Eduard Ohladciuc, congratulated the unit’s military and civilian staff and specified that the engineers are those who, day by day, ensure people’s security and carry out combat missions in peacetime.

“In the Republic of Moldova, the danger of unexploded ammunition dating back to World War II is still relevant. This statement is proved by the actions of the National Army engineers who are frequently called in by citizens in order to neutralize the ammunition discovered in various regions of our country. Thus, only this year, the professional engineer teams disposed of about 300 explosive objects. We can add to this number other tens of thousands that have been destroyed by our engineers in the last 26 years here in the Republic of Moldova, but also within foreign missions in Iraq and Kosovo,” added Col. Ohladciuc.

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