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DCBI Experts at Ministry of Defense

CHISINAU, October 29, 2018 — A team of American, British, and Romanian experts who are responsible for the implementation of the Defense Capacity Building Initiative (DCBI) is paying a working visit to the Ministry of Defense, within October 29-31, 2018.

According to chief of Transformation Directorate, Aurel Fondos, while in Chisinau, the experts will meet with chiefs of subdivisions and institutions subordinated to the Ministry of Defense and National Army General Staff and will analyze propositions on how to make more efficient the process of designing the Plan on the long-term building and development of the National Army. The activity is conducted in the framework of the implementation of the defense institution’s transformation reform included in the strategic documents — National Defense Strategy, Military Strategy, “Professional Army 2018-2021” Program, and Phase II of DCBI.

Aurel Fondos specified that the talks will focus especially on subjects related to the activity of the Transformation Directorate and the Working Group established for the development of the aforementioned Plan. In this regard, there will be assessed the decisions of the Ministry of Defense’s leadership regarding the initiation of the military transformation process, the general principles of military transformation with a focus on force structure’s transformation, the stages and purpose of the transformation process, as well as the main directions of the Plan’s implementation.

The group of foreign experts will also meet with the military attaches representing NATO countries in the Republic of Moldova.

In June, 2015, the Republic of Moldova was accepted by the North Atlantic Alliance as part of the DCBI, while the Ministry of Defense was assigned the responsibility for its implementation. The DCBI’s objective is the defense capacity building of the Republic of Moldova and includes an assistance package divided into two phases. During the first phase, the Ministry of Defense worked together with international experts who provided support and counseling for the development of policy documents. The second phase includes providing assistance, also through the establishment of trust funds for the Republic of Moldova which will significantly contribute to the development of the national defense system.

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