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Funds gathered by the National Army staff to be sent to Japan Government

CHISINAU, April 12, 2011 - National Army military and civil personnel donated nearly 240 thousand MDL to Japan earthquake and tsunami victims. 

The one-day salary voluntary donations were transferred to the special account of the Ministry of Finance. Soon, the funds will be sent to Japan Government. 

Prior to this voluntary action, Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta stated Japan nation had always supported Republic of Moldova Government. Hence, the money gathered by the National Army servicemen represents a sign of solidarity towards Japan citizens hit by the earthquake. 

The weather disasters from Japan killed at least 10 000 people. 17.400 people are still missing. 

This is the second serious natural catastrophe that struck Japan, after the earthquake from 1923, when 142 000 people died. 

A 9.0 earthquake hit Japan March 11, causing a devastating tsunami in the North of the country. The ten-meter tsunami waves extensive and severe damage in the region. 

Japan keeps fighting a nuclear disaster recorded at Fukishima Japanese Nuclear Reactor destroyed by the earthquake.

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