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National Army engineers defuse five anti-tank missiles

CHISINAU, Aprilie 13, 2011 - National Army engineers defused Tuesday, April 12, five anti-tank missiles discovered in Branesti, District of Orhei.

The 15 kg ammunition dated back to World War II. They were discovered by Andrei Suvac while digging a drain in his garden.

The ammunition disposal operation was carried out by an EOD team from Codru Battalion headed by Capt. Gheorghe Racu. They destroyed the explosives in a stone quarry near Branesti.

The Chief of National Army Engineer Service, LTC Mihail Semionov, stated engineers carried out 55 ammunition disposal operations in different regions of the country this year. Thus, they destroyed 605 explosives of different caliber. National Army engineers’ help is most often required in such districts as: Dubasari, Ungheni, Stefan Voda, Anenii — Noi, Calarasi, Telenesti and Criuleni.

On March 26, two children of 14 and 16 years old died because of the explosion of an old missile body dating back to Second World War. The explosion was held in Viprova, District of Orhei, while children were helping their parents in the vineyards.

Given the fact that, in most cases, local citizens come across explosive devices while working their land, the National Army Engineer Service warns that, taking the ammunition in the hand or with the help of other objects, hitting or movement of ammunition found in the soil or on the ground, individual removal of the warhead and other elements is prohibited. Children should not play with various ammunition parts. Neither should they take, transport or introduce the explosive device in their house.

People should be aware of the fact they are not allowed to areas containing unexploded ammunition. Manual or mechanic digging, agricultural works, circulation of means of transport, access of people or animals in the area under risk is prohibited. If such situations occur, local authorities should be immediately announced, that will report on the situation to the mine clearing units from the region.

There is anyway a high risk of explosion in such situations, no matter the physical condition or how old the ammunition is. Thus, only specialized personnel are allowed to interfere, strictly following security procedures.

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