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„Bucura copiii de Pasti” Show and Sale event

CHISINAU, April 20, 2011 – Minister of Defense, Vitalie Marinuta, bought an art work made of painted Easter eggs and candles during the show and sale event „Bucura copiii de Pasti” (Make Children Happy on Easter), organized on the eve of Easter holidays at the ground floor of Republic of Moldova Government Headquarters.

“I bought this work to decorate our table for Easter. This is an original work expressing the feelings of the person who made it”, Minister Marinuta stated. „The work of disabled, orphan and underprivileged children should be always appreciated. Children are our future and we should encourage them to strive for good things and feel confident about their future”.

Laurentiu Druta is 9 years old. He sold the Minister of Defense his Easter work made of painted eggs and candles for 200 MDL.

„This work is very precious. I am glad the Minister of Defense gave me the chance to sell him my work and wish him Happy Easter holidays”, Laurentiu said.

The exhibition organized by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights included wooden and ceramic works, paintings, embroidered, knitted and crocheted works made by disabled children, orphans and underprivileged ones.

The show and sale event „Bucura copiii de Pasti” is meant to raise people’s awareness about disabled children and adults and their integration in the society.

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