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Transnistrian force structures’ misdeeds advance

CHISINAU, April 21, 2011 — Disputes and discussions were recorded during the April 21 meeting of the Joint Control Board (JCB) again, for new problems occurred.

JCB members did not decide anything yet about the fact peacekeepers control over the situation in the Security Zone and things get out of hand. The members of the board discussed about the issue related to the consolidation of infrastructure of the so-called border guards. Yet, they failed to settle it and the Transnistrian delegation was very satisfied nothing was decide about the fact these troops were illegally deployed in the Security Zone. The members of our delegation within JCB believe as soon as there is no decision about prohibiting illegal activity of these military forces in this area, Tiraspol governing system can take arbitrary decisions without any impediments.

The JCB delegation members discussed about the incident with the lack of weapon permit of a patrol of the Transnistrian auto inspection discovered by Bender commander. Since there was no document to confirm whom the weapon belonged to, the authorities decided to confiscate it till the situation is settled. At the end of the meeting, the representatives of the Transnistrian inspection decided to ignore the peacekeepers’ requirements and run away. Thus, they stepped on Bender commander’s leg with the car. The victim was put to hospital in Tiraspol. During the meeting, the JCB members warned about the need to review the incident and discuss about the problem separately. Thus, they had to resist the Transnistrian delegation interference. Other JB members insisted on revising the situation and the Transnistrian delegation had to accept that.

According to Ion Solonenco, Deputy Chairperson of JCB on behalf of Republic of Moldova, the deed of the Transnistrian inspection raises a few questions. Moreover, it seems that they tried to hide their illegal actions in this way. Thus, the Russian peacekeeper injured is a proof they tried to intimidate peacekeepers, that seem to become just a formal actor unable to keep Transnistrian force structures back from violating peacekeeping rules.

JCB decided to assign Dumitru Chisnenco as expert on behalf of our JCB delegation thus replacing Igor Patrascu in this position.

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