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Air landing exercises in Marculesti

CHISINAU, April 21, 2011 – National Army Special Forces servicemen bailed out Thursday, April 21, at Decebal Air Base from Marculesti.

The Commander of Fulger Battalion, Maj. Radu Burduja, stated the servicemen had jumped from a military aircraft at different altitudes.

Burduja specified experienced servicemen bailed out at 4000 meter altitude. They opened their parachutes nearly 1300 meters above the ground and had a safe landing.

„The special forces used modern secure parachute systems”, Maj. Burduja stated. “Conscripts who bailed out for the first time opened their parachutes four seconds after jumping from the aircraft”.

Fulger Battalion servicemen were prepared by Moldovan Parachuting Federation trainers for the above air acrobatic exercises.

Since the beginning of the year, Fulger servicemen bailed out 100 times.

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