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Ministry of Defense opens a new version of www.army.md homepage

CHISINAU, April 26, 2011 — Dear users of the Ministry’s of Defense www.army.md website,

Six years after the Ministry’s of Defense webpage was built, we are pleased to announce the Ministry of Defense opens a new version of its homepage.

The new interface of the Ministry of Defense was created to improve citizens’ access to information on the Ministry’s of Defense and National Army’s complex activity. The new version of the Ministry’s of Defense homepage has more opportunities and surprises than the old one. We wanted to build an easy read website. Thus, we tried to fill the website with a lot of useful and interesting information.

The website contains six columns, each of them having a certain topic. Each column has got a few sub-columns. Our goal was to provide the audience, the army’s personnel, mass-media, governmental and governmental organizations with access to a source of information following all government communication requirements.

The information posted on the Ministry’s of Defense webpage is available in Romanian and English languages. The homepage has got a search engine that helps find the information you need. Moreover, the new version of the homepage has a news subscription and RSS (Really Simple Syndication) service, that allows you to get free and timely information from websites, as well as see when a news item has been added to our site www.army.md.

Dear users of www.army.md website,

The Ministry of Defense is aware of the fact the webpage is an important communication tool. Thus, we decided to use social networks to spread our information. A social media group containing information, photos, audio and video information posted on social media networks: YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter, is also part of our new website.

The Ministry of Defense is grateful for your commitment to our work. We are looking forward to seeing you as visitors of the new version of the Ministry’s homepage. Enjoy it!

P.S. Many thanks on behalf of the Ministry of Defense to the US Embassy to Chisinau for the grant provided to the new webpage.

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