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Best conscripts put in reserve

CHISINAU, May 3, 2011 — Diplomas, distinctions and military ranks were awarded to the best conscripts of Chisinau Garrison after a 12-month active-duty service within the National Army.

50 of the best conscripts were put in reserve. To appreciate their performances, the National Army leaders awarded diplomas and distinctions during a special ceremony attended by the young conscripts’ parents.

Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta stated military men that had fulfilled their tasks with dignity and honor while in the active-duty service deserve all our appreciation.

„Congratulations for the excellent 12-month active duty performances within the National Army. I am grateful for your honesty and commitment to learning military art”, the Minister of Defense said, addressing both to conscripts and their parents during the awarding ceremony.

The Secretary of the Upper Security Council, Iurie Richicinschi, called the conscripts to apply the knowledge acquired during their active-duty service in the daily life.

„You are much more responsible and organized now, which is very important for your further development. On behalf of Republic of Moldova interim President, I would like to thank all commanders for joining their efforts to train and educate these conscripts. The military men learned weapon and military equipment handling techniques which ensures the development of a modern, well-trained and well-supplied army”, Iurie Rechicinschi stated.

The event is carried out along with the spring conscription to the Armed Forces held during April 26 — July 30. 1125 young men will join the National Army in this time period.

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