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Demining Missions: National Army engineers neutralized almost 7700 explosives in 2019

CHISINAU, January 10, 2020 — The largest number of unexploded ammunition was detected in villages from Anenii Noi, Causeni, Criuleni, Hancesti, Taraclia and Balti.

According to the chief of National Army Engineer Service, LTC, Adrian Efros, the largest quantity of ammunition — 530 artillery projectiles were discovered in Taraclia district, near the railway. All the ammunition detected by the service members of Dacia” Brigade from Cahul dates back to the World War II.

In March, the team of Engineer Battalion ,,Codru” went to village Marianca de Jos, Stefan Voda, where they destroyed 234 explosive objects of various calibers, bomb-launcher, and warheads.

In December, the team of Engineer went to Puhaceni, Anenii Noi, where they destroyed 45 artillery projectiles, bomb-launcher and anti-personnel mines.

The source mentioned that the ammunition dated back to World War II, and was disposed of by the engineers under maximum security conditions.

NOTE: The Ministry of Defense warns the citizens to notify the local authorities about the areas in which there is or is supposed the existence of ammunition. In case of finding unidentified explosive objects, it is forbidden to touch them, to kick or move the ammunition found in soil or on the surface, to remove the warheads or other components.

Since 1992, 24 persons died and 27 were wounded as a result of the explosion of different ammunition. Out of the total number of victims, eight children died, and other four were wounded. The last tragic event occurred in Criuleni.

As a result of the explosion, one child died immediately, another boy was taken to hospital in serious condition.

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