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National Army Starts Military Training Year 2020

CHISINAU, January 15, 2020 — Today, according to the National Army training plan for 2020, the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and General Staff checked the combat readiness of the entire National Army.

In this regard, National Army conscripts and service members from the military garrisons carried out specific actions using military vehicles.

The testing was done in the framework of assessing the units level of readiness for Military Training Year 2020.

During the meeting with the heads of Ministry of Defense and Main Staff’s divisions, Minister Gaiciuc mentioned the need for this kind of trainings that demonstrates the National Army’s level of readiness in fulfilling missions, including in case of natural disasters.

“As a result of the inspection in Military Compound 123, I noticed that the command posts carry out their activity according to the Combat readiness plan and the military regulations. Officers NCOs and soldiers know their obligations and responsibilities, which indicates that they are ready at any time to fulfill their duty ”, mentioned Minister of Defense Victor Gaiciuc.

In his turn, the Chief of Main Staff, National Army Commander, Brigadier Gen. Igor Gorgan, said that this activity is the starting point of the Military Training Year 2020, that began with theoretical sessions and training for the conscripts and service members in all National Army garrisons, according to the yearly training plan.

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