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Better protection for war veterans

January 15, 2020 - The Cabinet of Ministers today adopted the Government decision “On the National Council for the problems of war veterans” at the proposal of Minister of Defense Victor Gaiciuc.

According to the document, elaborated by the defense institution, the respective Council will have a new composition and an updated Activity Regulation. Thus, the Presidency of the Council will be held by the Ministry of Defense.

”This proposal is conditioned by the fact that the records of war veterans are made by the Ministry of Defense, through the administrative-military bodies, and all the addresses and requests of war veterans, including those concerning the preparation of different acts are managed by the Ministry” Victor Gaiciuc claimed during the Government meeting.

Minister Gaiciuc added that the initiative will contribute to the effective solution of the problems regarding the social and legal protection and of war veterans.

At the same time, representatives of the central and local public administration authorities, as well as presidents and members of public organizations, whose field of activity concerns the problems of war veterans, will be included in the structure of the Council.

The National Council for War Veterans Affairs is a collegial advisory structure, set up to coordinate state policy, programs, plans and actions for social protection of war veterans, as well as to ensure equal opportunities and constitutional freedoms.

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