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Airdropping exercises, carried out in Marculesti (video)


CHISINAU, May 30, 2020 - The soldiers from the Special Force Battalion "Fulger" of the National Army performed jumps at the "Decebal" Aviation Regiment in Marculesti.

The trainings were watched by the Minister of Defense Alexandru Pinzari and the commander of the National Army, Brigadier General Igor Gorgan.

Alexandru Pinzari, appreciated the level of training of the officers and sergeants and congratulated them for their performance.

"In order to develop the skills necessary for special missions, the soldiers in this unit need daily training, including jumping. I am glad that after a break due to COVID-19, you resumed training, such an important factor for a professional soldier. I assure you that we, the army leadership, will provide you with the necessary support so that you can develop your capabilities through intensive training and achieve high results in the field ", said the Minister of Defense.

According to the commander of the "Fulger" Special Force Battalion, Lieutenant-Colonel Ion Ojog, the landings were carried out from a height of 350 m, from the AN-2 aircraft.

The source added that the jumps were from the cord category, with the use of complete MC-6 parachutes.

It should be noted that these trainings are part of the "Fulger" Special Force Battalion training plan for 2020.

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