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The soldiers from the Republic of Moldova and Romania train at the Smardan training ground

CHISINAU, July 6, 2020 - Soldiers from the artillery subunits of the National Army and the Romanian Army participate, between July 5-10, in the exercise "Fire Shield - 20.1", which takes place at the Secondary Combat Training Center in Smardan , Romania.

The applications aim to ensure interoperability and joint interaction capability, improve the process of coordinating military operations within the multinational, specific to peacekeeping missions, joint training and exchange of experience between the contingents of the two armies.

During the training, the 25 Moldovan artillerymen, together with over 100 Romanian soldiers, fire shots from different types of weapons, including a 152 mm howitzer cannon and a 120 mm caliber launcher, being trained in field missions specific to the field of activity.

The Minister of Defense Alexandru Pinzari mentioned that before leaving, the contingent was strictly monitored by the military doctors from the "Dacia" Brigade. "I personally made sure of the state of health of the gunners, seconded to the exercise in Romania, in the context of today`s epidemiological situation. They were supervised daily and instructed by our specialists from the National Army how to protect themselves from COVID-19 ", said Alexandru Pinzari.

"Dear comrades, we are waiting for you back healthy, stronger and better prepared to intervene when the community will need your intervention or help!", Wrote Minister Alexandru Pinzari in a message addressed to the military on his Facebook page.

The participation of Moldovan Artillery Service Members in the exercise "Shield of Fire 20.1" in Romania is part of the training plan of the National Army for 2020.

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