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Inspection at the Training area from Bulboaca (video)

CHISINAU, July 11, 2020 — Minister of Defense Alexandru Pinzari, together with Brigadier General Igor Gorgan, commander of the National Army, paid a working visit to the Bulboaca National Army Training Center to check the infrastructure and condition of military equipment is provided.

Officials inspected buildings built and repaired under the US Government-funded Global Peacekeeping Initiative (GPOI) Program.

At the same time, the two got acquainted with the study and simulation classes, the multifunctional target field, the conference room, the barracks, the canteen, the sanitary blocks, the medical point, the shooting range, the tactical town, as well as the warehouses for storing material goods.

Also, at the Bulboaca training ground, the Minister of Defense and the commander of the National Army documented the condition of the equipment and armament and tested the armored personnel units during a training course to force the watercourse.

At the end of the visit, Minister Alexandru Pinzari appreciated the performance of the military responsible for managing the military patrimony, mentioning that through joint efforts, but also with the support of American partners, the Bulboaca range was repaired and modernized, and today the staff benefits from good service conditions and live.

In the context of the epidemiological situation in the country, the Minister of Defence also checked how the military complies with the recommendations of the institution`s leadership. "I have personally convinced myself that the military strictly follows the rules imposed by the authorities in the context of the pandemic, while honouring their service obligations. It is a very important measure, but also a worthy example for our citizens to follow," added Alexandru Pinzari.


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