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EOD engineers defuse 627 explosive devices

CHISINAU, May 30, 2011 — National Army EOD engineers defused last week 627 explosive devices dating back to Second World War.

According to interim Commander of the National Army Engineer Service, Maj. Petru Morari, the group of Moldova Brigade engineers headed by Capt. Ion Gumenii liquidated an 82 mm mine launcher discovered in the garbage dump of Suri village, Soroca.

Moldova brigade engineers’ help was also required in Ocnita, where people discovered 600 8 mm bullets dating back to First World War while doing some construction work. Since the explosives were very old, they were destroyed on the spot.

A Second World War 45 mm artillery projectile was discovered in Copceac village, Stefan Voda, during some digging works in the village. The projectile was liquidated by the group of engineers of Codrul Battalion from Negresti. Another 50 mm artillery projectile was discovered in Lingura village, Cantemir.

The teams of EOD engineers also destroyed explosive devices in the district of Drochia, Bulboaca Training Facility and the Artillery Unit from Ungheni.

This year, the National Army engineers went to 106 bomb disposal sites and liquidated 1966 explosive devices all over the country.

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