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Tactical Exercise in Cahul (video)

CHISINAU, October 21, 2020 - The military of the "Dacia" Motorized Infantry Brigade carried out a tactical exercise with combat shootings at the unit`s Training Center.

The event was attended by the Minister of Defense Alexandru Pinzari and the commander of the National Army, Brigadier General Igor Gorgan, but also military from the command corps of the institution.

The exercise, which was attended by about 40 officers, sergeants and soldiers, included combat fire from the MT-12 anti-tank artillery systems (100 mm) and the PKT machine gun (7.62 mm), as well as parachute jumps performed by soldiers from the National Army`s Special Forces Battalion "Fulger".

At the same time, the engineering team of the brigade simulated actions at the anti-personnel and anti-tank mine dams in the field and presented procedures for using the ammunition planned for destruction as a result of implementing the project of management of weapons and ammunition stocks in the National Army danger to the population of the region.

During the event, the military equipment repaired from the Brigade`s equipment was also presented and the unit`s infrastructure was inspected.

At the end of the exercise, the Minister of Defense Alexandru Pinzari appreciated the excellent performance of the military involved in the demonstration actions. "Every time the officers, sergeants and soldiers of the ''Dacia'' Brigade train, I am convinced that their professionalism, good training and dedication characterize them, and this is largely due to their commanders and superiors. Today you confirmed, once again, that you are good at what you do and I thank you for your efforts in the field of combat training and training of the subordinate staff", said Alexandru Pinzari.

The Minister of Defense also highlighted the contribution of the military in the unit to the liquidation of the consequences of the floods in Comrat, thanking them for the sacrifice and devotion with which they intervened to help the local population.

The trainings are part of the National Army`s combat training plan for the current year and aim to maintain an optimal level of professional training of the military and the combat capability of the subunits.


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