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The Minister of Defense Alexandru Pinzari met with Switzerland`s new military attaché

CHISINAU, October 29, 2020 - Minister Alexandru Pinzari met with Colonel Daniel Bader, Switzerland`s Defense Attaché in Moldova, residing in Kiev, and Caroline Tissot, Director of the Swiss Cooperation Office in Moldova.

Minister Alexandru Pinzari congratulated Colonel Bader on the occasion of taking over the mandate of attaché for our country, expressing his conviction that the official will contribute to the development of the collaboration relations between the two armies.

During the dialogue, Alexandru Pinzari informed the Swiss attaché about the pandemic situation in the National Army, the reform of the defense sector, as well as the current state of cooperation with partners and international organizations.

The Minister of Defense stated that the intensification of cooperation relations with external partners has always been one of the priority objectives of the institution. The Moldovan official thanked the Swiss side for supporting the modernization of the National Army, through the expertise provided in the elaboration and approval of the National Regulation in the field of Physical Security and management of arms and ammunition stocks, as well as the implementation of training modules in the field of transport of dangerous materials and ammunition.

At the same time, Minister Alexandru Pinzari appreciated the donation of a batch of special equipment for proper management of ammunition depots offered by the Swiss side, implementation and development of the explosives testing laboratory within the National Army Weapons and Ammunition Center, referring to the visit of the experts of the Ammunition Management Consulting Team for the current year.

The Minister of Defense also reiterated his gratitude for the training courses offered by Switzerland to the Moldovan military at the Geneva training center.

Another topic discussed at the meeting focused on achievements in the context of the Defense Capabilities Development Initiative (DCBI) Package. In this regard, the parties addressed the possibility of Switzerland's participation, as a non-NATO member state, in the implementation of the projects provided in phase II of the DCBI for the Republic of Moldova.

In turn, Colonel Daniel Bader said that he will make efforts to contribute, through initiatives and support, to the development of bilateral relations of cooperation between the defense structures between the two states.


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