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Last Day of School Ceremony in Dorotcaia

CHISINAU, May 31, 2011 — Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta attended the last day of school ceremony held Tuesday, May 31, at Dorotcaia High School, Dubasari.

The ceremony marked the end of the school year at the High School of Dorotcaia village. The event brought together teachers, pupils and parents. They celebrated the holiday with bell rings, good mood, many flowers and joy.

The Minister of Defense congratulated pupils on the last day of school wishing them nice summer holidays. Vitalie Marinuta also thanked teachers for commitment to their duties. He wished them to be healthy, have many good achievements and grateful disciples.

„The last day of school ceremony is a joy for diligent pupils who want to enjoy their summer holidays. When you come back to school, I call you to seize any moment for studying, for strong knowledge from school is a good passport for your future life”, the Minister of Defense stated.

Vitalie Marinuta appreciated the teachers’ patience in their everyday work and commitment to teaching children only good and useful things.

„Thank you for your competence and tenacity, for the ability to make the educational process friendly and secure, where each one is respected, talent is encouraged and patriotic feelings are educated”, the Minister of Defense specified.

Vitalie Marinuta stated graduates of the high school need to be more responsible from now on. The Minister of Defense called them to go on their studies, go to university or industrial schools, also referring to the admission process at Alexandru cel Bun Military Academy from Chisinau.

„The school, the army and the church are three pillars our nation relies on. Those who take up a profession in the military will definitely have a big career”, the Minister of Defense said. „Being a military man implies some social benefits like: a good monthly wage, free medical care and equipment. Moreover, during their studies, military students are provided full state support including: free housing, food and clothing”.

The Dorotcaia High School currently has 410 pupils, including 135 in the primary school level, and 42 teachers. The high school was founded in 2003.

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