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National Army – the most credible state institution

CHISINAU, May 31, 2011 — The National Army is still the most credible institution of all state institutions of the Republic of Moldova. The national opinion poll made by the CIVIS Center at the request of the Public Policy Institute with 1152 people questioned reveals the fact that 50% of the respondents trust the army the most.

According to the survey results, the mayoralty gathered 47%, the Government has got 23%, the Parliament — 19% and the Presidency — 20%. Of all state institutions, citizens trust justice system (24%) and police (34%) the least.

However, the church keeps being the institution Moldovan citizens trust the most of non-state institutions. Thus, 82% of the people questioned said they trusted the church the most. 63% of respondents said they trusted mass-media the most.

The lowest rate of the survey is given to NGOs — 26%, political parties — 17% and trade unions — 18%.

The survey was carried out by CIVIS Center during May 6-24, with a margin of error of +/-3%.

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