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US Technical Aid for the National Army

CHISINAU, June 2, 2011 — The USA donated technical aid of nearly 1 million USD to the National Army during a ceremony held Thursday, June 2, on the territory of a military unit of the National Army.

The event brought together Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta and US Ambassador to Republic of Moldova, Asif Chaudri, who appreciated the dynamic and multidimensional cooperation relationship between Moldova and the USA.

On behalf of Republic of Moldova Government, Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta thanked the US Government for the support provided to the National Army in term of military technical aid supply and implicitly modernization of the military patrimony. Vitalie Marinuta also stated the Ministry of Defense tried to consolidate the military system through alternative actions that do not require huge financial resources from the budget of the country, for the institution is not able to buy modern equipment due to the low amount of funds allocated by the state budget.

„Today’s event proves the fact the United States of America are a valuable partner for us, that contributes different means to the development of Republic of Moldova and state institutions, including the National Army”, the Minister of Defense said. „The Ministry of Defense is sure that this donation of modern military equipment is a major factor to develop technical capability making the National Army interoperable with European military organizations”.

The US Ambassador to Republic of Moldova, Asif Chaudri, stated the USA have always treated Moldova as an important partner and a true friend. Hence, the USA will keep supporting Moldova within the limit of their possibilities.

„Moldova assumed the responsibility to become a democratic country strictly committed to promoting peace and security in the world. We want to make sure Moldova is able to defend its strategic interests. We want to make sure Moldova is able to meet the 21st century security challenges”, US Ambassador Asif Chaudri stated. The official pointed out the technical assistance provided to the National Army had been used by the American military to defend democracy and freedom all over the world.

The equipment donated consists of over 80 technical units, including trucks, ambulances, refrigerators, pick-ups, jeeps, etc. They were transported from the US military bases installed in Germany, Turkey, Spain and Italy.

Moldovan-American defense cooperation is part of the Defense Cooperation Agreement signed by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Moldova and the US Department of Defense on December 4, 1995.

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