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Moldovan Servicemen Perform Jump and Live-Fire Drills at Sea Breeze-2011

CHISINAU, June 10, 2011 — Servicemen of Special Operations Battalion and the 22nd Peacekeeping Battalion deployed to Sea Breeze 2011 multinational exercise performed jump and shooting training exercises at Shirokyi Lan Training Facility from Nicolaev, Odessa.

The head of the National Army contingent, Maj. Vadim Moraru, stated that, during June 7-10, the international group of servicemen deployed to Shirokyi Lan Facility trains everyday at jumping, live fire, convoy escort and counter EID.

Thus, the Commander of Special Operations Battalion, Maj. Radu Burduja, said that, during the training exercises, the servicemen had used D6 parachutes for static line jumps and MC5 parachute systems, AKS weapons, as well as GK30 containers for combat equipment.

The paratroopers jumped and shot at once from a MI-8 helicopter at an altitude of 800, 2000 and 3000 meters.

The servicemen also performed free fall jumps from AN-26 aircraft at an altitude of 4200 meters.

“Such kind of exercises build strong interoperability relationships, develop the abilities of working together for the successful accomplishment of any battle mission or settlement of any crisis situation”, Burduja stated.

Both the Moldovan and Ukrainian servicemen have highly appreciated the cooperation during the jumping and shooting training exercises, for they had the opportunity to familiarize with different kind of weapons for missions, techniques of preventing and acting in case of emergency or unpredictable situations.

The jumpings brought together 18 Moldovan paratroopers and nearly 160 Ukrainian marine and airborne forces, as well as 15 Ukrainian military sportsmen.

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