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Violations in the Security Zone

The members of the Joint Control Board (JCB) could not take a decision about the key problems of the Security Zone at the JCB meeting as of June 9. Neither did the parties discuss about the reports of the Joint Military command. Moreover, the report submitted at the last meeting has not been discussed too. This happened because of the refuse of the Military Senior Commander of the Transnistrian region. During this period of time, the so-called nongovernmental organizations and Transnistrian Kazakh organizations protested in Corjova village. The JCB members on behalf of Republic of Moldova appreciated these events as an attempt to damage our statehood. The conclusion of this document means Tiraspol should admit it had committed some actions prohibited by the 1992 agreement. Parties are concerned about the peacekeepers’ inability to keep the situation under control and prohibit any challenges in the Security Zone.

The Republic of Moldova JCB members were also dissatisfied with the channel dug in the Security Zone, that seems to be a trench judging by the military parameters. Although the Transnistrian delegation states this is just a channel meant for the wastage system of the illegal checkpoint of the so-called Transnistrian border guards, our delegation within JCB kept saying they are just trying to reject the truth, given the fact Transnistrian border guards work illegally in the Security zone thus violating the 1992 and 1998 agreements, as well as the JCB decisions.

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