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Soldiers from Chisinau Garrison Take Military Oath (video)

CHISINAU, May 21, 2021 - About 450 soldiers, conscripted in the units of the National Army in the spring of this year, took the military oath today in ceremonies held in the Chisinau garrison.

During the festivity held in the 2nd Motorized Infantry Brigade "Stefan Cel Mare", the acting Minister of Defense Victor Gaiciuc congratulated, on this occasion, the approximately 230 young soldiers who took their military oath in this unit and wished them much success in mastering military art. "This event is unique and special for every soldier who is trained during 12 months. Certainly, in the National Army you will mature, discipline and become more responsible ", mentioned, in his speech, Minister Gaiciuc.

Victor Gaiciuc expressed his regret that, due to the restrictions imposed by the new type of Coronavirus, the last generations of conscripts deprived of holidays at home, expressing, at the same time, the hope that through solidarity, we will succeed and return to the life before. "I am sure that you will keep these moments alive in your memory, and that in years to come you will share them with your loved ones, and the restrictions imposed for your protection will not prevent you from making beautiful and lasting friends with comrades and commanders." said the Minister of Defense.
The commander of the National Army, Brigadier General Igor Gorgan, stressed that during the term military service, the soldiers will have good living and training conditions, expressing the hope that many of these young people will want a military career.

Similar ceremonies were organized today at the Anti-Air Missile Regiment, in the presence of the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the National Army (defense resources), Brigadier General Mihail Buclis, but also at the Military Training Base of the National Army in Bulboaca, where Colonel Octavian Varzari, Deputy Chief of Staff of the National Army (operations and training) participated.

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