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Over 60 National Army Servicemen Take Part in Sea Breeze 2011 Exercise

CHISINAU, June 14, 2011 — “Taking part in Sea Breeze 2001 Exercise is very important for the National Army servicemen”, for we have the possibility both to train our military personnel in compliance with Western militaries’ standards and share our experience with our partner fellows", Brigadier Gen. Igor Cutie, Commander of Land Force Command, stated on Distinguished Visitors’ Day held at Shirokyi Lan Training Site from Mykolayv region. The event brought together delegations of the militaries taking part in the exercise, as well as mass-media representatives.

Cutie pointed out Sea Breeze 2011 Exercise, as well as other multinational exercises, is a great experience for Moldovan servicemen. “International exercises gives us the possibility to enrich the theoretical experience we get in our country. This is a good chance to take over and implement modern training methods within the National Army”, Cutie stated.

During the visit, Gen. Cutie, along with military officials from Algeria, Germany, USA, Ukraine and other armies, attended demonstrations of convoy operations, counter improvised explosive device procedures, counter attack techniques, vehicle checkpoint protocol, non-lethal combat techniques and medical evacuation procedures.

During the visit, the Land Force Command also visited the Moldovan contingent camp, where servicemen of Fulger Battalion and 22nd Peacekeeping Battalion live. General Cutie familiarized with their living conditions, daily work program and the level of cooperation with the Ukrainian, American and Macedonian servicemen.

“At Sea Breeze 2011, we focus on peacekeeping operations, development and implementation of modern standards in the military personnel training process”, Cutie stated.

The event brought together 200 Ukrainian servicemen, 70 American Marines, 40 Moldovan servicemen and 30 Macedonian military men.

A contingent of the National Army consisting of 7 Main Staff officers, 7 EOD engineers, 18 paratroopers and an infantry platoon of 30 servicemen of the 22nd Peacekeeping Battalion are engaged during June 8-15, 2001, in Sea Breeze 2001 Multinational Peacekeeping Exercise.

The exercise brought together nearly 2000 servicemen from 13 NATO-member states and signatory parts of Partnership for Peace Program. The Main Staff of the Exercise will be working in Odessa and the troops will be deployed to Shirokyi Lan Training Site from Mykolayv Region.

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