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New Marching Formula at the Military Parade

CHISINAU, June 14, 2011 — The military contingents of the Armed Forces will have a new marching formula at the military parade of August 27, 2011, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Republic of Moldova Independence Day. The event will be held on Marii Adunari Nationale Square.

The new marching technique has been presented today by the Ministry’s of Defense Guard Battalion in front of Republic of Moldova Interim President, Marian Lupu, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

After the demonstrations, the head of state pointed out the new marching formula is good from all points of view. “This is a European model. It is solemn. It keeps these young men’s health in good condition”, Marian Lupu stated.

According to Minister of Defense, Vitalie Marinuta, as soon as the new marching formula is approved, the institution will submit the project of changes and addenda to the Square-Bashing Regulations of the Armed Forces, highlighting the transition to the new marching technique applied during different ceremonies.

“The Square-Bashing Regulations includes a different marching technique, maneuver, hand movements and the Parade Rest position. The above mentioned procedures are much easier to learn for the Armed Forces personnel and require less physical effort”, Minister Marinuta stated.

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