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Graduation Shooting Exam at Bulboaca

CHISINAU, June 16, 2011 — 4th-year students of the Infantry Department of Alexandru cel Bun Military Academy of the Armed Forces passed today, June 16, their final shooting exam. The event was held at Bulboaca Training Facility.

The students shot a Grom 2A28 smoothbore semi-automatic gun to pierce the armored target and kill the enemy. They also shot a 7,62 mm ПКТ machine gun belonging to the National Army. Students shot two targets at a 600-800 meter distance.

The Chairperson of the Examination Board, LTC Vladimir Dudarenco, Land Force Command, stated “The 4th-year students are well-prepared and recorded great results. They were given “very good”, “good” and “satisfactory” marks both for theory and practice.

Dudarenco stated: “Most students shot on targets at first attempt and they didn’t miss any of them”.

The quoted source pointed out all the technical security measures had been followed during the shooting exam.

85 graduates of Alexandru cel Bun Military Academy pass the graduation exams during June 14-24, 2011.

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