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Ministry of Defense, in dialogue with the representatives of the profile NGOs in the country

CHISINAU, October 20, 2021 - The Ministry of Defense held a meeting today with a number of civil society organizations in the field of security and defense.

During the event, which took place both online and in physical presence, representatives of NGOs in the country were informed about the development directions, priorities set, actions planned in the near future. Also during the meeting it was discussed about the vision of the Ministry of Defense of the role of civil society in the process of reforming the security and defense sector, and promoting the culture of security.

The Minister of Defense Anatolie Nosatîi mentioned, at the beginning of the meeting, that through discussions with representatives of non-governmental organizations, the defense institution aims to establish effective collaboration and transparent communication with civil society in the context of strengthening the security culture and projects and initiatives that support the reforms of the Ministry of Defense. "We rely on mutual openness, including your support and contribution to the development of the defense institution and the strengthening of the security culture, through involvement and co-participation," said Anatolie Nosatii.The main topics addressed during the meeting were the adjustment of strategic documents in the field of defense, but also the development actions of the sector, including increasing the attractiveness of the military profession and strategic communication capabilities of the institution, but also the development of human resources management.

In their turn, the representatives of the NGOs appreciated the initiative of the Ministry of Defense and came up with proposals to improve the cooperation process between the defense institution and the civil society. Among the most relevant were the promotion of new collaborative projects in the field of increasing the level of information and counteracting the disinformation phenomenon about the security sector, conducting specialized research, as well as revising military postgraduate study programs.

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